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Nurture your list, or burn cash, it’s your choice!

The concept of regularly emailing your customers and prospects (i.e. converted leads) was something that I discovered about 3-4 years ago. It made complete sense to me. Essentially sending a regular email to your prospects, to remind them that you still exist, yet giving them useful content to read and enjoy. When I wrote my […]

The Annoying Curse Of Being A Perfectionist…

I’m a [recovering] perfectionist. I crave order, neatness, tidiness, pixel perfect design, perfect landing pages, perfect copy, and a perfect business. And it’s all a load of b!$*@cks. In business, being a perfectionist is a sure-fire route to VERY limited success. Take the diagram below. As a perfectionist, I’ll start a piece of marketing (such […]

A massive list of Lead Magnet Ideas – for Business Owners…

When I’m speaking to business owners about crafting even the most basic of marketing funnels, there’s a very import aspect that constantly gets in the way. For many businesses, particularly businesses that offer a service, a handful of great quality lead magnets is essential. A lead magnet is what captures the attention of a prospect, and convinces […]

Why your business NEEDS a constant flow of fresh leads…

Yeah, yeah, I’m sure that you’ve heard it before. “If you want to grow your business, you need more leads, blah, blah, blah” or “the money is in your list”. Well, yes, that’s true. That’s NOT what I’m talking about here. There’s also a VERY significant change that we’ve seen in the last 2 years […]

What is the Most Valuable Asset in your Business…?

If I’m completely honest, it took me a surprisingly long time to understand the most valuable asset in my own business. Given that there’s no training course or induction course when you first start a business (because starting a business in the UK is so easy to do), you don’t learn the fundamentals of building […]